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Re: l. stinkbug (in l.a.) . . . small web blurbs/gig spamreminder

Title: Re: l. stinkbug (in l.a.) . . . small web blurbs/gig


my question would be why music reviews in the Weekly (both LA and OC versions) have to come across as so much 'better than thou'?  Of all the reviews, the LA Weekly one stands out as someone who's trying to talk as much about themselves  as the band they are reviewing, painting their narrow interpretation with childlike glee...

just my silly ol' opinion, though.  normally, i like reading music reviews, as a resource to check out new stuff.  with the OC weekly specifically, however, i've becomed so disgusted, i've stopped reading 'em.

i will go on record as saying that OC Weekly's Buddy Seigal is a big ol' a-hole, worthy of the Wynton Marsallis award if anybody is...

artful representation of the cosmic vomit.

maybe this one was 4 cents of opinion, (two too much?  i should be a critic!)