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DL4 problem

Maybe someone has an idea about this...I've had the DL4 running problem-free for going on two years now.  Always connected the same way - Hosa insert patch cable (1) connected from the L input/L output to the channel 1 (same channel as my clip-on mic) insert on my Mackie 1202.  Recently, I was getting a tone (registering as a high D# on my tuner) generated thru the system, which I was able to trace to the DL4.  I put in an different Hosa cable and the sound got slightly louder.  I have a performance this Friday, so I went and bought another DL4, adapter and a Monster patch cable - same thing, except that now - regardless of which unit or cable - tone generation seems to be intermittent (?...), but putting an insert in the Mackie jack 'deadens' the mixer - no levels on my effects with it plugged in exactly where it has always been.  Anyone have any idea?

Tom Heasley

Tom Heasley
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