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Re: EDP feedback pedal

Thanks Rich

(smiling humanoid face drawn with asci caracters trying to picture the
big smile I'm having on my face right now)


K:oh  for this song I feel like I'll use my volume pedal for volume
swells in the intro then I'll plug it in the edp to fade out the loop
for the end of the tune
M:some more tea ?

rich wrote:
> >We figured it would be nice if they could use something they had
> >already instead of making them go into the keyboard section of the
> >music store where they would feel awkward and out of place.
> and you're being serious here? i'm just trying to picture you and
> Matthias, sitting around, maybe over a cup of herbal tea, saying
> "well, you know how uncomfortable guitarists get when they're forced
> to go into the keyboard section of the music store...maybe we should
> address that".
> hmmmm....
> rich