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Re: Lee "Scratch" Perry interview quote on edp

I have yet to hear a bad record by Augustus Pablo. First-generation dub.
My fav is "East of the River Nile," recently reissued by some British
label whose name I forget. Lots of tasty melodica and very stoned
Echoplexing. An incredible textbook on how to make air move. The best part
is the tagline on the back of the jacket: "Producecd by Jah Rastafari"

Incidentally, in the previous post, Scratch is talking about his original
(most likely tube) Echoplex, definitely NOT an EDP! Anyone know where to
find out more info on his gear?

On Wed, 20 Mar 2002, rich wrote:

> Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2002 15:42:51 -0800
> From: rich <rich@nuvisionsca.com>
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> To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
> Subject: Re: Lee "Scratch" Perry interview quote on edp
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> loopaz,
> yeah! definitely into dubby stuffs lately...
> if anybody can point me in the direction of ACTUAL album titles that
> they think are worth checkin' out, please tell me!  off list if ya
> think that's the way to go...
> my searches have led me to just a few records...starting slow and
> don't want to experiment with my money in that genre...it's chock
> full of artists i don't know anything about.  it's like if you were a
> newbie to Jazz, had some inkling of the sound you liked and didn't
> have anybody to resource for information...where would you start?
> whew...
> that's me with dub for the last year.  itchin' to listen/buy da
> really good stuff and skip some of the crap.
> recent purchases...
> King Tubby and Errol Thompson - The Black Foundation in
> DUB....fantastic, i LOVE this record.
> King Tubby meets uptown Rockers - considered a classic, from what
> i've heard.  like this one very much, too!
> also bought a Lee Perry album, forgot the title...him playing with a
> couple o' white guys... crappy, imho.
> anybody have suggestions?  i'm more familiar with the new school dub
> stuffs, ala kruder/dorfmeister, thievery, etc... so any help with old
> school jamaican stuff would be tops!
> thanks in advance,
> rich
> >well i gotta coupla his rekkids and i dont know much 'bout the guy-but i
> >think his production techniques are all analog and he is spewin about 
> >tape echoplex for them there dubby thangs he does so goood good good 
>goo go
> >g...
> >s
> >
> >>  Don't know how many old school dub fans there are out there, but 
>here's the
> >>  King of Dub talking about his 'plex.
> >>  http://www.upsetter.net/scratch/words/outer05.html
> >>  Grand Royal: [Asks about the equipment & techniques Perry used at 
>the Black
> >>  Ark]
> >>  Scratch: I have special ears and special help. Accessories and ESP. 
> >>  them out, heavy letters. English Soundcraft mixing board. Every time 
> >>  got to be a Soundcraft. How could I represent my aircraft without a
> >>  soundcraft? And Echoplex! Everything I believe have to have X in it.
> >>  Echoplex and sex, anything with X. [Lee's wife laughs] I am in it, 
> >>  charge. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! With the Echoplex we can do anything. We 
> >>  change energy and feelings. Because on the Echoplex was rising the 
> >>  ghost of King Arthur. EQ? Soundcraft! The only thing that wasn't 
> >>  was a Marantz amplifier, because that was sent to me from the planet 
> >>  And my Yamaha headphones as well - it's got to be Yamaha to make you 
> >>  and go yamahahahaha! I don't want to use sad things. I don't want to 
> >>  boring equipment.
> >>  Grand Royal: Who taught you the most about music?
> >>  Scratch: The earth, the air, the fire, and the water.
> >>