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OT: synch SR-16, Sonar (or similar) and DTX?

I have a question that I cannot seem to find an answer to.  Hopefully
someone on this list will be able to explain this to me in a "For Dummies"

My band recorded some songs to the PC (multitrack, using Samplitude, but I
also have Sonar).

My drummer wants to replace most of his drums with MIDI triggered stuff.

He "recorded" himself playing with the song into an Alesis SR-16 drum
machine.  Basically the song or patterns are stored on the SR-16.  I know
that there are going to be some areas where hits (bass, cymbals, etc.) are
going to be off.

What we would like to do is this:

Dump the sequences from the SR-16 to Samplitude or Sonar (if you only know
how to do this in Cubase or whatever, tell me that too, maybe I can figure
out from that what I need to do).  If it is possible to assign the MIDI
channel/notes to specific drum patches automatically that would be nice, 
if not, we can figure something out.

Once the sequence from the SR-16 is in Sonar/Samplitude we want to tweak 
timing issues by bumping the MIDI note on/off messages to fit the timing of
the .wav files (bass guitar) that have already been recorded.

Once that is done, we want to take that MIDI sequence info, and send it to
my drummer's Yamaha DTX (since he thinks it sounds a lot better and more
realistic).  At this point we will send the stereo audio out of the DTX 
into the audio in of Sonar/Samplitude, and record it as a stereo wav track.

OK, not IF it is possible to separate out the drum tracks (say snare, bass
cymbal1, cymbal2, tom1, tom2) into separate tracks in SOnar/Samplitude, 
would be ideal.  My GUESS is that we could separate out the MIDI sequence
into sparate tracks, or possibly not do that and just send certain messages
out to the DTX such that with one pass (synched to the time-clock in the
initial sequence) we record the bass drum, the next pass records the snare
(or even on one pass we record bass to the right audio channel and snare to
the left), etc., etc. until the whole kit is recorded in digital audio wav
format with a track for each piece of teh drum kit.

If all else fails we can just have the whole kit on 1 stereo track, but 
can cause EQ/mixing problems down the line.

If anyone can help, or point me in the right direction, it would be greatly


Alex F/Brain21