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Re: Lee "Scratch" Perry interview quote on edp

well i gotta coupla his rekkids and i dont know much 'bout the guy-but i
think his production techniques are all analog and he is spewin about his
tape echoplex for them there dubby thangs he does so goood good good goo go

> Don't know how many old school dub fans there are out there, but here's 
> King of Dub talking about his 'plex.
> http://www.upsetter.net/scratch/words/outer05.html
> Grand Royal: [Asks about the equipment & techniques Perry used at the 
> Ark]
> Scratch: I have special ears and special help. Accessories and ESP. Check
> them out, heavy letters. English Soundcraft mixing board. Every time it's
> got to be a Soundcraft. How could I represent my aircraft without a
> soundcraft? And Echoplex! Everything I believe have to have X in it.
> Echoplex and sex, anything with X. [Lee's wife laughs] I am in it, full
> charge. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! With the Echoplex we can do anything. We can
> change energy and feelings. Because on the Echoplex was rising the 
> ghost of King Arthur. EQ? Soundcraft! The only thing that wasn't 
> was a Marantz amplifier, because that was sent to me from the planet 
> And my Yamaha headphones as well - it's got to be Yamaha to make you 
> and go yamahahahaha! I don't want to use sad things. I don't want to use
> boring equipment.
> Grand Royal: Who taught you the most about music?
> Scratch: The earth, the air, the fire, and the water.
> D