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Lee "Scratch" Perry interview quote on edp

Don't know how many old school dub fans there are out there, but here's the
King of Dub talking about his 'plex.
Grand Royal: [Asks about the equipment & techniques Perry used at the Black
Scratch: I have special ears and special help. Accessories and ESP. Check
them out, heavy letters. English Soundcraft mixing board. Every time it's
got to be a Soundcraft. How could I represent my aircraft without a
soundcraft? And Echoplex! Everything I believe have to have X in it.
Echoplex and sex, anything with X. [Lee's wife laughs] I am in it, full
charge. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! With the Echoplex we can do anything. We can
change energy and feelings. Because on the Echoplex was rising the 
ghost of King Arthur. EQ? Soundcraft! The only thing that wasn't Soundcraft
was a Marantz amplifier, because that was sent to me from the planet Mars.
And my Yamaha headphones as well - it's got to be Yamaha to make you happy
and go yamahahahaha! I don't want to use sad things. I don't want to use
boring equipment.
Grand Royal: Who taught you the most about music?
Scratch: The earth, the air, the fire, and the water.