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WOT: music store droids. was Re: EDP feedback pedal

> I'm a guitarist, sort of, and I'm uncomfortable going into the
> *guitar* department of most music stores. Aside from the dreadful
> clangor, there are all those clueless sales droids circling for the
> kill (Rik Elswit excepted). The only music stores I feel comfortable
> in are the funky little mom-and-pop ones where the proprietors are
> just as happy to have a real conversation as to try to sell you
> something. I especially like Lightning Joe's Guitar Heaven in Arroyo
> Grande and Future Music in Hollywood.
> --

There's nothing more depressing than the career music store salesmen who
know less about the gear they are selling than you do. Sometimes I'm 
or think it's a trick - if half the people who come in the store knows 
as much as I do, they've got to learn something eventually.

Well, maybe a few things are more depressing. The old ones, who can't play
very well either, and try to get you stoked up by those 
keyboards, for example.