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More Repeater Effects loop issues...

So I think I fixed the drop in volume that occurred when I placed my Vortex in my

Repeaters effects loop. I took the STEREO OUTPUT of the Vortex and ran it into a Furman

Eq. With the EQ bypassed on the Furman I used it to boost the output of the Vortex and then ran that back into the

Repeaters effect’s RETURNS. Everything seemed to be working fine I was getting level on both Right and Left channels

of the Furman and I was able to apply appropriate gain to the OUTPUT of the Vortex so that there was no drop in volume when the Vortex was engaged. BUT….


With the Furman in the equation I was then able to adjust the gain of both Right and Left Vortex outputs independently via the Right and Left outputs of the Furman. This led me to discover that adjusting the Right level output of the Furman (aka right RETURN to the Repeater) created no change in the Repeater’s audio output. When I adjusted the left output on the Furman it had total control on the Repeater’s audio output. It was if the Repeater’s Right effect’s return was non-functional.


So then I took it one step further and just unplugged the right effect’s return. This led to no change in the Repeater’s audio signal. I then plugged the right return back in and unplugged the left return, this muted the channels I was sending to the effects return. So it seems to me that my Repeater has no need for its Right effect’s return, I don’t get it…


Any advice…


Kevin McPeak