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Open Letter to the General Looping Community regarding Video Demos of Looping Devices

Dear Looping Community,

People have been very cynical (with really good reason) about the
manufacturers springing for demo videos of looping devices (see the
exchanges below).

Gang,  if we are really serious about taking this community out to the 
at large, we are going to need to take matters into our own hands.

This community has unbelievable resources at our command.  We, 
own digital video cameras, digital cameras,recording studios, mixing 
microphones, servers, fttp sites, promotional and production acumen, etc.,

At loopstock, individuals digitally recorded the events on both video and
audio and had these things ready for posting within a week of the
event...................all of this was done for love of looping , love of
creativity and love of community.

I say we forget about money (as long as we have the necessities of food,
lodging, children and equipment ;-) covered)
and start planning on expanding this community with all of our resources 
love of what it is that we are doing.

Some of us are too busy to participate in this kind of adventure on a day 
day basis and that is fine...........
Even they, however, can lend a hand when possible for la causa.

I demand a high wage when I tour or make recording or
soundtracks.................I also will play damn near any looping event
that I can (when scheduling permits) for free or expenses just because I
love this community and this 'artform' (I know, I know, Kim,  it is not ,
technically, an artform) so much.

If our resources are not state of the art, so be it.  I think some of the
prominent musicians on this forum can help out with demonstrations of this
gear even if it is not completely PRO.  I know I would.  I'm reasonably 
my brother would (who knows enough about the repeater already to make me
weak in the knees).

OK, enough soapboxing............................let's just do it!!!!

yours, in art and creativity and looping and having fun doing it,   Rick
Walker   (loop.pool)

people wrote:

"Doesnt anyone on this list live in Hollywood, and have a freind in the
film buisiness? Dont they realize how important an EDP Demonstration
video is to the world of music ?
hollywood: ha!

but, i believe that kim f. tried to organise this w/gibson, some buncha
ago..... no dice, yet.
dt / splattercell"