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Re: Ernie Ball pedal for EDP

Hi Everyone-

I decided to copy this to LD, as it seems pertinent to some recent
discussion, and also may help out Steve Rice.

Our mono volume pedal uses a 250K audio-taper pot.  We make a stereo
model with a dual 25K linear-taper pot, which is a lot closer to what
you'll need (Steve: and it is also designed to work better for
line-level signals as a volume control - since it's linear taper, the
wires can be flipped around and it will work much better for toe-down
fades, plus it's cheaper than the stereo/pan pedal, since it doesn't
have the switch).

Since you've already bought the mono pedal, I'm guessing you won't want
to buy another one just to have a lower resistance pot.  Hopefully your
dealer will let you return it.  Otherwise:

I spoke with our sales department regarding replacement pots, and they
said that you can buy the replacement 25K pot for $50.  I can't
recommend this, since you could get your pedal rebuilt by us for $55
including the pot - this might be your best bet, since the rebuild
process is tricky (but not impossible if you're patient and mechanically
and electronically minded).

It's not standard to put a 25K dual pot into a mono pedal rebuild, but I
just spoke with the ladies over in the VP department, and they'd be
happy to put any of our available parts into your chassis.  I'd can help
facilitate this if there are any communications problems.  You'll find
the info you need for the rebuild here: 

If you want to save a little money and do it yourself, you can buy a pot
from your TOCOS distributor: http://www.tocos.com/repdisty.html

We use a TOCOS (COSMOS) RV24 series pot: 

Ideally, you'll want a 20K linear (B) taper pot, with a 10 mm bushing
length and a 20 mm long shaft.  Our shafts are custom-made to 25 mm
length, so you'll have to flip the pulley over for the set screw to
contact the shaft.  We use the plain type of shaft end, although any of
the available types should work.  You can probably find a suitable
replacement from another brand using these specs and the other
dimensions given on the TOCOS page.

Let me know if you have any other questions, and please let me know how
it turns out.


-Hans Lindauer
-Ernie Ball, Inc.

Kim Flint wrote:
> Hi John-
> if it is a pedal designed for guitar/bass passive pickups, then probably
> the impedance of the pot is much higher than 20kohm. This would explain 
> a big part of the range doesn't change the feedback, because the echoplex
> will consider anything over the 20k point to be 100% feedback.
> You might consider changing the pot inside the pedal to a 20k version if
> you otherwise really like the pedal, or maybe Ernie Ball has a variation
> with a lower impedance pot.
> I'm cc'ing this to Hans Lindauer of Ernie Ball, he probably knows if they
> have such a pedal or if the pot can easily be changed.
> kim
> At 06:25 PM 3/18/2002, you wrote:
> >Hi there.  I just joined your looping community today.  I have been on 
> >site quite a bit over the last year but just joined today.  I have had 
> >EDP for around 6 months now.  I have finally decieded that I need a 
> >pedal for the feedback control.  A lot of volume pedals are big and
> >ugly.  I finaly decided on an Ernie Ball pasive volume pedal.  It put me
> >back $100, but it is strong, simple and beautiful.  Unfortunatly it's 
> >as effective as I hoped.  I read the section on pedal controls on the
> >site.  It seems like this one should work perfect but..........  the 
> >back stays at 100% from the toe down position to around half way to the
> >heal.  All of the control is in the rest of the way down.   The 
> >on this pedal is greater than 20k ohns,  I just checked the Ernie Ball
> >site.  I checked to see if the pedal worked as a volume pedal and it's
> >fine (I used my Bass with pasive pick ups) Can you enlighten me?
> >
> >---John M.
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