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syncing RPT to EDP

Hi everybody,

I bought an Electrix Repeater a week ago to go with my EDP. While it shure 
is a fascinating and great sounding machine I am amazed how they could 
release a unit with an obvious (although manageable) noise level and a 
massive latency problem. The time delay when playing through it reminded 
instantly of old Midi-guitar days, arrghhh. Mixing the repeater out dry 
with the original dry signal causes horrible phase cancellations, it's 
bad. I guess they send the original signal through their processor in 
to take advantage of that effects loop, but with this signal delay it 
doesn't make sense at all.

Anyway, I looked in the archives for some info on syncing the RPT to the 
EDP but couldn't find anything (maybe I wasn't looking hard enough?). I've 
patched them via MIDI but so far RPT only executes some pitch shifts when 
hit the EDP'S record button. Any hints?

Thanks, Andreas