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Re: EDP Duet Tracks Now Online (Part 1)


Andre LaFosse wrote:

> Hello folks,
> Some of the EDP duet tracks I've recorded with multi-instrumentalist
> Eric Oberthaler are now online in both streaming and downloadable
> formats.  Except where otherwise noted, these are all live improvs (or
> excerpts) recorded straight to 2-track...
> 1) Sort of like "Sketches of Spain" remixed by the Warp Records
> All-Stars.  I don't believe the EDP's were in sync for this one, but
> just sort of spinning away on their own...
> download: http://shoko.calarts.edu/~eobe/al_eo/arcalumis.mp3
> stream: http://www.altruistmusic.com/ram/arcalumis.ram
> 2) Flamenco dancehall, or something.  Definitely had both EDP's in sync
> on this one (though hopefully not N'Sync on this one...)
> download: http://shoko.calarts.edu/~eobe/al_eo/alys.mp3
> stream: http://www.altruistmusic.com/ram/alys.ram
> 3) An experiment with each EDP using multiple loops, switching between
> them at the same time, to try and spontaneously create different
> sections.  There's an edit at the 10:00 mark, but that's the only
> post-performance tweak.
> download: http://shoko.calarts.edu/~eobe/al_eo/hypnogogia-ABC.mp3
> stream: http://www.altruistmusic.com/ram/hypnogogia-ABC.ram
> 4) A track using both EDPs integrated (in both sync'd and unsync's
> modes) into some of Eric's MIDI sequences.
> download: http://shoko.calarts.edu/~eobe/al_eo/aromatichybridfigure.mp3
> stream: http://www.altruistmusic.com/ram/aromatichybridfigure.ram
> 5) A very wierd excerpt of an even wierder overall improv.  Some serious
> unmultiply action towards the end...
> download: http://shoko.calarts.edu/~eobe/al_eo/desktoptrashcan.mp3
> stream: http://www.altruistmusic.com/ram/desktoptrashcan.ram
> Holler if there are any problems with the links above...
> Eric's homepage: http://www.soundsliketree.com
> My homepage: http://www.altruistmusic.com
> Thanks for listening!
> --Andre