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RE: solicitation for beat chopping ideas in EDP

Some thoughts- 

I'm sure we could do a grass roots production and have a video tape
chain for distribution- it all begins with someone being able to tape
it- that's all- the tape can be handed off to someone else for editing
and so on.


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> A video would be a good thing. But not so easy.

With all due respect: a digital camcorder mounted on a tripod, do your
(that's the hard part, and the reason we want the video :-), apply a
editing after uploading via Firewire to iMovie, create a compressed
web-video, would be a piece of cake.

I would do that but don't think I can break free from Portland...

> >Maybe in conjunction with release of new OS?
> not directly because we are uptight with the release.

what does 'uptight' mean: imminent or stressed :-)?

> But you can come to a meeting here in Oakland and see and listen and
> try and ask and film and scream of pleasoore for a whole day
> very soon
> how many $$ is that worth?

priceless :-)

Hope someone else can video it...