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Re: EDP loop copy question

At 11:34 PM 3/17/2002, Cliff wrote:

>I've got the EDP set to copy loop time- but when I advance to the blank 
>loop it keeps recording past the length of the original loop. Is this 
>correct or am I missing something? I am looking to have it just copy the 
>exact same length of the first loop- Thanks-

Hi Cliff-

I've answered that one before, check the EDP FAQ for some more details:

also some posts in the archive, a couple of which are answering you the 
last times you asked about loopcopies :-)

the short answer is that when you just want to copy the loop time, it is 
just like doing an Insert into a new loop. (just like copying sound is 
multiplying into a new loop.)  The cycle time base of your original loop 
used. when you copy this time base into the new loop it continues adding 
multiples. that gives you the flexibility to have a new loop that is 
the exact same length as the original or some multiple of that length. 
you want to end it, you press Insert, since that really is the function 
are doing.


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