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Steve Lawson/Jez Carr CD available for order...

Hi loopsters, 

The release date for 'Conversations', my new CD with pianist Jez Carr is
April 22nd, but it's is available for order now! there are a few tracks of
Real Audio and MP3 available for download on my website, so you can have a
listen, and the price for pre-ordering is only 10 including P + P (which
with the exchange rate where it currently is, is less than $15 US for an
import CD inc. shipping!) - The price will go back up to something normal
once the CD is released, so if you want one, please order it soon, as it'll
save you money and help us out with the pressing costs! :o)

anyway, go to http://www.steve-lawson.co.uk have a listen, and if you like
what you hear you can buy some... if you haven't got my first CD, there's
also the option to buy both together at an even further reduced price...
what more incentive do you need? :o)

BTW, there's tonnes of looping content on the CD, all in real time on a
DL4... have a look at my site for more details on the recording process

I'm really excited about the CD, and the feedback so far has been really