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Re: EDP footpedas

Title: Re: EDP footpedas
yes, I see your point -- they do make a clunk, but I've never found it a problem in the kind of music I do.

How loud are those switches? sometimes those big heavy-duty metal switches
also make a heavy-duty loud klunk when you press them. I notice that
whenever I see people use the dl-4 in a quiet setting, or at the quiet
moment just as they start recording a loop. The loud noise of the pedal is


At 09:21 PM 3/16/2002, Steve Sandberg wrote:
>Well, I did have bad experiencees with the footpedal -- the mouser parts
>kept breaking (I guess I stomp on them pretty hard, I'm very physical when
>I play/sing, especially when I'm doing a performance and really get into
>it).  I took it to a place in NYC that replaced the mouser buttons with
>very durable metal switches, and have had no further problems.  It was
>kind of pricey, but well worth it.  If you need to know the name of the
>place that did it I could look it up.