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Re: noisy mechanical parts on pedals

<<How loud are those switches? sometimes those
  heavy-duty metal switches also make a
heavy-duty   loud klunk when you press them. I
notice that 
  whenever I see people use the dl-4 in a quiet 
  setting, or at the quiet moment just as they  
start recording a loop. The loud noise of the  
pedal is distracting.>>

Yeah, I know what you mean. When I first got my
DL-4, I tried making tapes using my boombox, just
sitting in front of my guitar amp. Apart from the
poor sound quality, I was also picking up the
sound of the footswitches. Sometimes it wasn't so
bad, but there were bits where I was changing
speed every few seconds as I played a phrase, and
then it'd be especially noticeable. After that
first attempt at recording, I simply started
running one of my Radio Shack Optimus tape decks
off the line out on my Crate practice amp (I'm
hoping to have a good tube amp sometime in the
next few months). That's the way I've recorded
everything since, and haven't had any problems

 I remember seeing one psychedelic band where the
guitarist was using a Digitech pedal, I think he
said it was called the Space Station, and as he
was operating the pedal, I could hear these
squeaking sounds coming from the pedal itself
(but then, I was wearing earplugs and standing
right in front of him). 

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