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Re: Kaoss pad with sampling/BPM effects

It's got a BMP counter, but has anyone assertained whether or not it can 
use that info to change modulation timing?  That would make the new 
KAOSS pad a true winner, IMO.  If not, there's little reason for someone 
like myself to get a new one... other than the fact that my wife 
inherited my KAOSS pad.


On Saturday, March 16, 2002, at 12:38  PM, just john wrote:

>> If you want to dump your original and buy a new one let me know!
> Well, I got it with the intention of using it primarily as a MIDI f/x
> controller -- in the same order, I got a nice keyboard controller with 
> no
> mod wheels -- so it's not actually obsolete.
> For its sound things, I wish it had 1/4" connections, not RCA.
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