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Re: John Scofield doing a little looping

Chris Chovit wrote:

> I caught John Scofield at the House of Blues (L.A.) last night. It was a
> nice show...he's a got a great rhythm section with him, including a 
> guitarist -- the same core lineup from his latest album 
> fusion of jazz, funky jazz, and some electronic groove thrown in (Avi
> Bortnick, the rhythm guitarist used a sampler/groove box setup) -- it all
> blended well.
> Anyways, John had a Boomerang in his setup, which he used sparingly, but 
> good effect...he usually put some licks in there, then ran it backwards,
> while he played licks over the top of it.   He open and closed the show 
> fading in/out a loop.
> Anwyays, if he comes your way, and your into funky jazz, I recommend
> checking him out.  The backup band is worth seeing by themselves!
> - Chris

hey i caught that show too. no ld t-shirts in evidence (course i wasn't
wearing one either :-)

the backup trio was excellent. one moment in particular stuck with me- it
seemed the bassist was controlling a processor which the raw drum sounds 
feeding; at the same time it seemed midi triggers on the drums were
controlling the groove box bortnick was manipulating. the combined effect 
for some very nice and rather unexpected *drum* sounds, and was visually
pretty cool as well. fwiw, did you get a look at the backup trio's gear?
curious about some of those boxes...

lance g.