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Re: SV: Laptop looping

At 10:14 PM +0100 3/15/02, =?UNKNOWN?Q?Bj=F6rn?= Eriksson wrote:

>Regarding Pauline Oliveros --- godmother of looping -- she really 
>is! -- I read about a session with some sort of looping -- this one 
>done with sound transmissions with radio wave echoes sent the moon 
>and then bounced back playing over it ... done in Austria 1999. You 
>can read more about this on 

I helped a little bit with the early stages of that project. Pauline 
had been working on the idea while teaching at Mills College in 1986, 
with composer/technologist Scot Gresham Lancaster assisting. 
Pauline's original plan was to do it with a huge radio telescope, but 
she couldn't get access. Scot found a ham radio enthusiast in Maine, 
named Dave Olean. Dave supposedly had the largest private ham antenna 
in the country, if not the world. Pauline and I flew up there and 
spent an evening with Dave bouncing a variety of sounds of the lunar 
surface. I remember penny whistle was particularly successful. The 
resulting tapes were used in a performance at Moebius in Boston, but 
the real-time performance projects weren't realized until some time 

Along similar lines, oboist/composer Joseph Celli performed the piece 
Phalba in duet with Jerry Hunt via communications satellite at New 
Music America in 1985. Joe talked about that performance at a 
memorial concert shortly after Jerry death in 1994: "In this 
performance, my live signal was sent to Jerry in Austin via 
satellite. He processed my sound live, and it was sent back to the 
performance space and mixed with my live sound. The festival couldn't 
afford a sound check on the satellite, so it was all live and filled 
with great apprehension. Tonight we don't need a satellite -- Jerry 
is getting the signal real clear."

Richard Zvonar, PhD
(818) 788-2202