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Re: solicitation for beat chopping ideas in EDP

Hey there Dylan,

Dylan DeAnda wrote:
> Andre,
> Holy Cow! (couldn't contain my excitement any longer...sorry)

No apology necessary; glad it's useful.

Here's a couple of additional variations you can try, using the same EDP
setup/approach I detailed in the last post:

(with insertmode=insert)

-- Try sticking cycles of complete silence in between drumbeats, by
hitting "insert" right before the next cycle, and then hitting it again
to close the cycle.  (Kind of hard to describe, but try it and you'll
see what I mean.)

(with insertmode=REPLACE)

-- Use the insert button to completely replace the audio of a given
cycle with whatever's coming into the EDP at the time of the insertion. 
That could be silence, could be another drumbeat, could be one cycle of
turntable noise, whatever...

> I am going
> to go home and try this around 438 different times with around 439 
> beats, to see what comes out.

So which one of 439 different beats is going to time-travel back to
share a slot in one of those 438 EDP sessions?!  ;)

If you can, please post some of the results of your experiments with
this... I'm curious to hear it.

C ya,

--Andre LaFosse