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Re: John Scofield doing a little looping

>I caught John Scofield at the House of Blues (L.A.) last night. It was a
>nice show...he's a got a great rhythm section with him, including a rhythm
>guitarist -- the same core lineup from his latest album "uberjam".....nice
>fusion of jazz, funky jazz, and some electronic groove thrown in (Avi
>Bortnick, the rhythm guitarist used a sampler/groove box setup) -- it all
>blended well.
>Anyways, John had a Boomerang in his setup, which he used sparingly, but 
>good effect...he usually put some licks in there, then ran it backwards,
>while he played licks over the top of it.   He open and closed the show by
>fading in/out a loop.
>Anwyays, if he comes your way, and your into funky jazz, I recommend
>checking him out.  The backup band is worth seeing by themselves!
>- Chris

On a similar note, I had the pleasure of opening for Carlos 
Washington and his Giant People band last night, in Eugene, OR. His 
bassist used one of the Boss looping pedals, and in one tune, looped 
a one bar lick, put down his bass and played guitar over the groove 
for the next 20 minutes. The cool thing was that the drummer just 
totally grooved with the sampled bass line.

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