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Re: OT--Everyman Band/Without Warning

>Hi all,
>I just got notified that a backorder I'd made a long time ago
>to SongSearch (http://www.songsearch.com) has paid off
>unexpectedly. They are sending me a CD of Mr. Torn's
>recording (on ECM) with the Everyman Band "Without Warning."
>Yippee. Something new to listen to. But it wasn't cheap though
>($33.58) probably an import from the EU.
>There are a number of artists I am curious enough about to
>try to obtain every possible available recording of. Mr. Torn
>is just one of them. There are several others. This is not as
>some sort of sick fan "fetishism" but from a real interest
>in how their musical concepts developed over time.
>Anybody out there who's already heard it wanna clue me in as
>to what I'm in for. I got info about musical personnel from the
>web already . . . and of course it's an ECM recording . . . but
>beyond that I haven't got a clue. Does Hedewa7@aol.com
>wanna offer any commentary himself? Any looping on this
>thang DT-SC?
>Ted Killian

The first, self-titled Everyman Band lp, on ECM, was my introduction 
to Torn. I remember buying because the front-cover blurb said 
something about the band members having played with Lou Reed and Don 
Cherry, I figured that had to be a pretty eclectic mix. Great, 
burning fusion stuff, with some killing guitar solos. Converted me to 
slobbering fandom for life! Did this ever get issued on CD?
Dave Trenkel                                New and Improv Music
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