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RE: glitch?

kid koala <--Going to see him and his funk band Bullfrog on the 20th in DC.
Whoo hoo!  He is an incredibly unique turntablist.

b.o.c.<--Just recently got into their
listless-beat-environmentally-ambient-cleverly-done-with-cheese music.

Just me piping up with excitement to see Kid Koala work his vinyl scrubbin'
mojo all over the capital beltway.


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Subject: glitch?

i don't really know what 'glitch' is, either -[though some folks will
lumpify takemura, jenkinson, aphex, kid koala (!), autechre, uziq, b.o.c.,
hanno, etc]- but:

>BTW, Andre,   GLITCH is the correct genre term and OPAL is the band to
>check out.

maybe you meant to say 'OVAL', rather than 'OPAL'?

and..... 'oval' isn't a band, though, but..... yet another loner, 
dt / splattercell