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Guys, you got to check this shit out!!!!!!!

The pubescent teen accesory store CLAIRES (in most discerning malls)  is
closing out an awesome battery powered
amplifier called a BOOM BOOM BOX.

It is a carrying case with a battery powered amplifier (4 aa batteries) and
two speakers that has a
stereo mini plug connector.............it is available in baby pink, 
purple and sparkly blue
(to satisfy the inner  12 year old girl in all of us   <winks at Steve
Lawson> ).

They are blowing them out for $12.50 (down from the retail, $25).  I bought
a purple one,  brought it home
and hooked it up to my wierd purple plastic mini keyboard (25 sounds,
$10----TOYS R US) and this thing
rocks!!!!!!   It is really , really loud and it distorts in a very cool 

I'm going to buy another one tomorrow and go down to the Mall with a 
powered line 6 DL4 and try to get myself arrested on the anti-amplified
music ordinance!!!!!   ;-)

Get 'em while they are hot!!!!

Rick (aka,   loop.p........yeah, yeah, yeah)