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Re: LOOPING CAPITOL OF THE UNIVERSE: San Luis Obispo vs. Santa Cruz

Richard Zvonar wrote:


> I arrived in the Bay Area in 1974 and started doing electroacoustic
> music when I moved to Santa Cruz the following year. All of the
> musical influences mentioned above were heavily "in the air" and were
> effectively part of a new music commmon practice. A few
> composer-performers such as Ingram Marshall, Henry Kaiser, the
> Electric Weasel Ensemble (including Don Buchla and Allen Strange),
> and later on Paul Dresher, were performing with delay and loop
> systems. By that time Pauline was at U.C. San Diego, the Tape Center
> was well established at Mills, Gordon Mumma was at U.C. Santa Cruz,
> Daniel Lentz was in Santa Barbara. There was a free flow of live
> electronic music up and down the state, and clearly this is becoming
> so again.

thanks for the brief but fascinating history!

lance g.