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Re: EDP Midi Sync Question

At 07:07 AM 3/14/2002, Dylan DeAnda wrote:
>When you sync the edp to an external source (Let's say a beat counter) and
>you have a loop that is shorter than the tempo you are working with (lets
>say by an 8th or 16th note) what does the edp do?
>Does it insert silence, or wait for the next rhythmic cycle of the sync
>source? Or does it keep looping and do a polyrhythm thang, eventually

If the loop is shorter than the sync time, the EDP will start to play it 
again and then retrigger when the sync point defined by the midi clock 

If the loop is longer than the sync time, the EDP retriggers the loop 
before it is completely through it, so the startpoint lines up with the 
startpoint defined by the external clock.

This retriggering is only done within a certain tolerance of clock 
variation. If the clock changes by more than about 5 BPM, the EDP assumes 
the user wants things to go out of sync and stops trying to sync the loop. 
So then you go into your polyrhythmic territory.

Since this sort of retriggering method produces audio glitches at the 
startpoint, the EDP is also has some tolerance for being "close enough". 
This prevents it from retriggering every single time even if the sync is 
only off by half a millisecond, which would be irritating from constant 
pops and glitches. (I think the jamman has this problem.)

The net result works pretty well for me. I'm mildly obsessive about 
rhythms tight with sync, and tested this stuff mercilessly during 
development of the last EDP software version. I think Matthias nearly went 
insane from it. :-)


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