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newbie to LD with some ?'s

hi all, i'm link, here's what i'm looking for info on regarding edps:

latest software , would that be loop 4? how when where cost, anything. heard some rumblings about version 4 providing stereo operation from a single edp. i don't see how this is possible. mentioned that matter to shane radke at gibson and he didn't see how either but figured i'd post this query  to get a yay or a nay.....however if it's something i can look forward to  that'd be ultra cool for me as i'm running two edp's for stereo looping with splendid success and wouldn't mind doing the quadraphonic thing at all. this is where the evil laugh follows loopily around inside my hed.....

when running the two edp's (a gibson and an oberheim  both loop3v5) together i've noticed lower headroom in the input of the oberheim . is this a normal difference to be expected between the two units. ideally should i be running two gibsons instead for synchability sake or would that be loopability or any other reason instead of the two different pieces . the input thing is a little worrysome and seems to concern me as i'm running a full mix .yeah........drums bass guitar synth vocals anything goes you know  so its a matter i have to keep an eye on.

i'm having to consider my first midi foot controller to control a bevy of gear. effects, drum machine, echo pro , filter pro, etc, on and on....and on and on....... the more i can get underfoot the better. i have a pedal for the edpz  . ahh , an abbr. for edp's . that's so          e - d - p - z     ..........get it...............corny huh........... anyway somethang  that can footle (handle) all the junk i've got going on would be great. i'm leaning toward the ground control pro. i'm just wondering whether it can do what i want it to do which is probably not what it's intended to do. it's surely designed for sane instead of deranged. any responses from anyone familiar with that unit or of something more flexable would be  would greatly be appreciated.  

kindest regards to kim flint for all he's done for looping.  link marlow      axsovmine@hotmail.com    

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