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Re: FCB 1010 update (also Ultra-Dyne Pro)

Yeah. Behringer did the same thing with the Ultra-dyne Pro. They stated 
software to manage the device would be available. Then, when it became
available, it was stated that an eprom burn had to be accomplished with new
software before the 'gui' could be used. Seems like a lot of trouble and
expense to me.

Regards, Butch
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Sent: Tuesday, March 12, 2002 5:06 PM
Subject: Re: FCB 1010 update

> re: FCB1010 firmware update
> rich wrote:
> > >...  update to the Behringer FCB1010 footpedal
> > > ... the update is available on the website, as well as a pdf update
> > >manual.  however, the information needs to be burned onto an Eprom
> > >and then installed.
> > >
> > >i made a phone call to Behringer US customer service...
> > >he gave me a name of Condor Electronics in Seattle
> Thanks for the lead, Rich.  I'm in Seattle, so I tracked this down. I
> with the folks at Condor and they quoted me $75 to burn this for me,
> the need to do a one-off setup. I was told that in other cases where they
> can do a batch of eproms, the unit costs are more like $40.
> This is terribly expensive for a $129 pedal. I sure wish I'd waited a few
> weeks  and bought the updated version of the FCB1010. I haven't owned an
> eprom burner since the one I used on my Commodore 64 to burn eproms for 
> VIC-20 (1983).  Anybody care to catch me up on the cheapest way to tool 
> for this? If this is gonna keep happening, maybe its a investment worth
> making?
> Another alternative would be to put together a 'group buy' of eproms. Or
> perhaps Behringer plans to offer an eprom at some point? That would be 
> most convenient, but I would rather not wait a few months for that smoke
> settle.
> clues and tips welcome!
> Bob
> fyi  -
> Condor Electronics
> 125 N 36th St
> Seattle, WA 98103
> 206-633-5190