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Re: SF gig spam

Since I'm in Alameda anyway, I'll be there for sure.  If you'd like, I
can lend  you a pair of Peavey KB60s.  They're probably pretty far from
linear, but they sound OK at the volumes you'll need for JavaRama.


Matthias Grob wrote:

> It looks like I am going to play a bit at:
> Java Rama Coffee House
> 1333 Park St. (corner of Park and Alameda Ave.)
> Alameda, CA
> on Thursday, March 14 , 8:30 pm
> If someone could come there with a pair of small linear (best: Studio
> Monitors!) speakers, it would help! (please send a private mail if
> you can help me with this)
> Dont rush, there may be other, (better?) oportunities to play, I just
> wonder what it feels like...
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