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Re: FCB 1010 update

re: FCB1010 firmware update

rich wrote:
> >...  update to the Behringer FCB1010 footpedal
> > ... the update is available on the website, as well as a pdf update
> >manual.  however, the information needs to be burned onto an Eprom
> >and then installed.
> >
> >i made a phone call to Behringer US customer service...
> >he gave me a name of Condor Electronics in Seattle

Thanks for the lead, Rich.  I'm in Seattle, so I tracked this down. I 
with the folks at Condor and they quoted me $75 to burn this for me, citing
the need to do a one-off setup. I was told that in other cases where they
can do a batch of eproms, the unit costs are more like $40.

This is terribly expensive for a $129 pedal. I sure wish I'd waited a few
weeks  and bought the updated version of the FCB1010. I haven't owned an
eprom burner since the one I used on my Commodore 64 to burn eproms for my
VIC-20 (1983).  Anybody care to catch me up on the cheapest way to tool up
for this? If this is gonna keep happening, maybe its a investment worth

Another alternative would be to put together a 'group buy' of eproms. Or
perhaps Behringer plans to offer an eprom at some point? That would be the
most convenient, but I would rather not wait a few months for that smoke to

clues and tips welcome!


fyi  -
Condor Electronics
125 N 36th St
Seattle, WA 98103