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Re: Repeater upgrade horror story


since jamie doesn't seem present, right now, and i have a bit of 
w/this, i'll try to help.
but: if your repeater's spdif-output sounds 'broken' or 'digital', i 
bother even trying this --- just talk to electrix and return the unit, as 
it seems that a few early repeaters are incapable of the software-upgrade 
the 'bad' spdif is indicative of this, i believe).
1) if it's possible that the download's been corrupted, re-DL it.
2) try re-installing the SW onto the CFC, again, and/or
3) try installing the new SW onto a *different* card, and/or
4) call or email electrix tech support (which -i should know better!- 
probably oughta be closer to the top of this list, right?)

sorry if that doesn't help much.
dt / splattercell