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Re: D-Cell Rocketh The Haus

Very cool d/t.  Thanks.


At 04:12 PM 3/11/02 -0800, you wrote:
>Great set from Mr. DT-SC on KCRW this morning (but all too brief, in my
>mind.)  Had a '70s Miles David vibe to it in many places, I thought (and
>in that context, the one chromatic descending chord figure in the one
>tune reminded me of "John McLaughlin..." a deliberate quote?)
>What a mother of a rhythm section, too.  (Fima's tone...!!!)
>Dumb techniqe question here: Sounded to me like one of the first loops
>in there was a brief EDP loop spun off a single note, then tweaked with
>some unquantized insertmode=replace action.  Am I somewhat close? 
>(Yeah, I'm a trainspotter.)
>For those who missed it, check out http://www.kcrw.org to hear the live
>Great to hear you playing again, Mr. Torn!  (And good news to hear about
>the forthcoming Splattercell album, probably on Razor and Tie...)