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Re: edp volume query - My 2 Cents

At 07:06 PM 3/11/2002, JIMFOWLER@prodigy.net wrote:
>my edp is great...such a useful tool.  i do appreciate
>the unit and everyone who has had a hand in its
>development.  this input/output situation is just a
>nuissance.  one would imagine the unit would be
>designed to be placed within any signal path,
>regardless of dB level.

Did you not even read my mail earlier today????

your unit is BROKEN. it is nothing to do with the design of the EDP, 
because a correctly built EDP does not have the problems you are having. 
sucks that you bought a new unit that had a problem, but that's where you 

you have two options that I can see:

1. get it fixed.
2. live with it broken.


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