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Re: MSP/ soft loopers?

have you looked at LIVE by  ableton?

I think its exactly what you are looking for. Also coming up soon will 
be radial by cycling74.


On Tuesday, March 12, 2002, at 09:19 AM, Andrew Pask wrote:

> on 3/11/02 12:33 PM, Paul Buelow at paul@webms.com wrote:
>> Please share more about what your doing with MSP - for mac from
>> http://www.cycling74.com
>> I want to use Max/MSP or a VST plugin or plugo or absolutely any 
>> another
>> software tool for pc/mac to act as a looping sampler?
>> thanks - Paul
> I use VST plugins all the time from within MSP, current favorites are 
> Waves
> Audiotrack, anything PSP especially Vintage Warmer, Absynth a bit. In 
> Pluggo
> 3 you will be able to use Pluggo Plugins from inside MSP, which is 
> something
> I'm really looking forward to live, I like mangling things with Pluggos.
> Max gives me the ability to be able to map external controllers to 
> various
> parameters of the plugins (I haven't got Waveshell to work yet though).I
> also do all  effects routing, sample playing, video playback, and MIDI
> control of Orville from Max.As far as actual DSP goes, apart from the 
> VSTs,
> I pretty much leave all that up to my Orville. It seems to me quite 
> tricky
> to get MSP to sound really good, and if you do you invariably chew up
> processor power. I'm a big believer in putting lots of eggs into many
> different baskets when it comes to DSP, with too many plugins and god 
> knows
> what else running at the same time latency tends to go all to hell.
> Cheers
> Andrew