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Re: MSP/ soft loopers?

on 3/11/02 12:33 PM, Paul Buelow at paul@webms.com wrote:

> Please share more about what your doing with MSP - for mac from
> http://www.cycling74.com
> I want to use Max/MSP or a VST plugin or plugo or absolutely any another
> software tool for pc/mac to act as a looping sampler?
> thanks - Paul 

I use VST plugins all the time from within MSP, current favorites are Waves
Audiotrack, anything PSP especially Vintage Warmer, Absynth a bit. In 
3 you will be able to use Pluggo Plugins from inside MSP, which is 
I'm really looking forward to live, I like mangling things with Pluggos.
Max gives me the ability to be able to map external controllers to various
parameters of the plugins (I haven't got Waveshell to work yet though).I
also do all  effects routing, sample playing, video playback, and MIDI
control of Orville from Max.As far as actual DSP goes, apart from the VSTs,
I pretty much leave all that up to my Orville. It seems to me quite tricky
to get MSP to sound really good, and if you do you invariably chew up
processor power. I'm a big believer in putting lots of eggs into many
different baskets when it comes to DSP, with too many plugins and god knows
what else running at the same time latency tends to go all to hell.