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Re: JamMan Upgrade (FadeOut function for EDP?)

>>I usually want to fade in 20-30 secs, irregardless of loop length.
>WOW!  I could never figure out why I thought feedback never seemed 
>to work the way I wanted on the EDP - especially on long loops.  Now 
>I realize that this is what I had secretly been wishing it would do.
>>I'd love to see a midi command for the EDP that would do that.
>me too...

Since the output of the EDP is controlled by the CODEC and has only 
6bits resolution, the fade may not turn out satisfactory. And its too 
late for this upgrade anyway.

Yes, in a future version we thought of automatic fades and cross fades.
But imagine that if you simply fade the FB at a certain speed, you 
still dont get a certain lenth of output fade. It takes some 
calculation to aproximate the fade speed - certainly interesting to 

But try the new ReplaceMode (a new value for Loop/Delay in Loop4):
It reverses the sequence of FB control and output, in some way. Its 
as if you control the volume and the FB simultaneously. As a result, 
you immediately hear the reduction. Its still not what you say here 
but may help to find the FB value you want.

I got used to it: delicate FB reductions for short loops and heavy 
reductions for long loops... in fact I often reduce the loop lengh 
before I fade out.

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