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MSP/ soft loopers?

Please share more about what your doing with MSP - for mac from

I want to use Max/MSP or a VST plugin or plugo or absolutely any another
software tool for pc/mac to act as a looping sampler?

thanks - Paul 


on 3/11/02 11:30 AM, lance glover at baumhaus@earthlink.net wrote:

> Andrew Pask wrote:
>> Hi folks I'm playing with digitalcutuplounge, saxophones, looping with
>> Max/MSP and an Orville. Come down and help me find my MIDI mother.
>> Cheers
>> Andrew
> durn
> would love come help you find the midi mo, but will be attending all
> tomorrow's parties that night. have a great time, tho!
> best,
> lance g.