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Re: edp volume query

At 04:21 AM 3/11/2002, Jimmy Fowler wrote:
>"these 2 newer gibson units (made in uk) are both *ridiculously*
>this is EXACTLY what i'm talking about.  i can't adjust the input any 
>without clipping.  i can't turn the output up any higher without breaking
>the knob off.  i have to leave the mix at 50%, otherwise there's nothing
>coming out of the left side of my amp until i initiate a loop.  glad to 
>i'm not the only one with a quiet edp.
>what will simply fix this problem?  a second gain stage?  a line booster? 
> i
>suppose i'd like to be able to put a small(ish) pedal between the edp and
>the eventide to get the level back up to match the other side.  i don't 
>exactly how many decibels quieter it is...

it sounds to me like there was some sort of manufacturing error made on 
these units. What you describe is definitely not right. I would think 
getting that hardware problem corrected on your EDPs would be the best 
solution. Since it is about the gain stages, there is a chance the same 
mods described in the EDP faq for old units will correct yours also:


If you are handy with a soldering iron you could probably do it yourself. 
Or better, if you are handy with an ohmmeter you could check whether the 
resistors in your unit match with what is described in the mod. Then you 
will know if you need to do the mod or not. Otherwise, you should contact 
Gibson's service department and get them to fix it. I believe Shane Radtke 
is the person you want for that. his contact info is on the LD site at the 
bottom of the echoplex section:


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