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Re: Loopers-Delight-d Digest V02 #155

> >Personally I can't see that I would want to come out of Mute in delay
>  >mode using Overdub- which seems confusing because Overdub is used to
>  >capture loops in delay mode-

Hi Cliff,
The Loop4 software solves your problems (more or less).
The EDP software is was originally designed to have only one behaviour 
in Mute for each Mode(= LoopMode, DelayMode, OutputMode).
This is very easily changeable for each Mode, but within a Mode it's not 
easy without changing the software in a fundamental way.
Matthias worked out a special fix for DelayMode in Loop4, so that Mute 
Multiply ) would behave differently if entered while in Hold (Overdub LED 
red),  in Loop3 when you were in hold you would still overdub onto the 
if you went to Mute (or Mult).

So with loop4, you go into Mute from hold, and your loop is preserved.
Leave Mute with another press of Mute, and you're back in Hold.
Leave Mute with Overdub(cancels Hold) and you can overdub on your loop 
straight away.

With Loop3, you can use a "Feedback pedal" to control input volume while 
Delay Mode, or plug in a latching footswitch to the Feedback socket for an 
Input Mute.

Andy Butler.