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RE: EDP Delay+Mute Mode Request

>This is getting confusing to me-

fine, you bring clairty:

>For me- I would like to be in Delay mode, press Overdub to capture a
>loop, Mute that loop, continue playing, Un-Mute the loop in the exact
>state I left it in-

that how it is
(just that in Loop3, the state of Overdub had no influence during 
Mute, which I find simply wrong now)

>I understand fully the desire of fellow list members to be able to Mute
>the loop and still add to it without hearing the results until it has
>been un-muted and I don't think that should be sacrificed.

and its not even in question

>Personally I can't see that I would want to come out of Mute in delay
>mode using Overdub- which seems confusing because Overdub is used to
>capture loops in delay mode-

right, but maybe the other way round:
you have a loop frozen (Overdub red)
mute it
press Overdub the loop comes back as it was but immediately fades.

Or (in some later upgrade?):
Overdub continue doing its job without touching Mute. Means that you 
can stay in Mute and decide with Overdub when you want to change it 
while its in silence.
I think it would be more interesting for the DelayMode but in general 
make things more complex and less consistent without changing that 

>I hope I am not confusing the issue more- but such length between
>comments and the posts getting combined throws me a little- Thanks.

now you confused me: what do you mean by this last sentence?

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>Subject: Re: EDP Delay+Mute Mode Request
>I dont quite understand what you are saying here, but you are right
>that there may be the desire to make a muted loop sensitive or
>frozzen in DelayMode.
>Now when you press Overdub, you automatically come out of Mute.
>Is that wrong?
>Or does anybody use Overdub to come out of Mute?
>>Extra button presses and delay- I would have to Mute- Record- Un-Mute-
>>instead of just Rec- Mute (then un-mute later when I want the loop
>again) -
>>I would assume that even in Delay mode once I hit Overdub to capture
>>loop the only way to add to it would be to hit Overdub again, add, then
>>Overdub again to re-capture the loop. I can see how adding to a loop
>>hearing it can be fun- but I would just use the Mix knob myself- Thanks
>>the suggestion.
>>>   can't you just unmute after you play what you want in the loop?
>>>   (instead of before)
>>>   i think that's what they intended for this feature...
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>>>   Subject: EDP Delay+Mute Mode Request
>>>   >
>>>   > I see that Mute silences the Output but for me it would be really
>>>   > if it also silenced the input to the loop in Delay mode- I use
>>>   > mode then Overdub to grab chunks of my playing and process/record
>>>   > down the chain- I wonder if I am missing something that allows
>>>   > already? If not- is it possibly included in the upgrade? Thanks-
>>>   >
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