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Re: help: auto unsubscribe/subscribe loop?


In a message dated 3/10/02 1:16:34 PM, altruist@altruistmusic.com writes:

>I experienced the same anomaly, but I assumed it was just some twist of
>fate punishing me for making so many posts last week...

Yeah, Shame on you! 


I guess this is all part of the same thing that happened to me. 
I wound up changing to a new web address and re-subscribing 
with that. But I was sort of confused there for a while there.
A direct inquiry to Kim solved the issue pretty much. But by 
then I'd already re-subscribed with a new ID. If I felt it made 
any particular real sense to do so, I'd go back to the old "Killinfo" 
name. But this is fine for now.


Ted Killian