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Re: syncing JamMan/EDP - Crotchets and Quavers

Oh, you can learn such things from any book that one might pick up at 
your local music shoppe

On Sunday, March 10, 2002, at 07:02  AM, James Pokorny wrote:

> Andy wrote:
>> remember theat the note value for the JamMan is a crotchet, while the 
>> EDP
>> uses quavers. So if EDP is set to 8th/cycle=8, then that corresponds 
>> to a 4
>> on the JamMan if you want the JamMan loop to be the same length as an 
>> EDP
>> cycle.
> At the risk of being "crotchety" I thought I'd jump in and translate 
> the terminology here.  Andy is using the European English terms for 
> note values.  Below are the corresponding American English terms:
> Breve*********************Double whole note
> Semibreve***************Whole note
> Minim*********************Half note
> Crotchet******************Quarter note
> Quaver*******************Eighth note
> Semiquaver*************Sixteenth note
> Demisemiquaver*******Thirty-second note
> Hemdemisemiquaver**Sixty-fourth note