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Weirdstuff Effects

Which weird effector could be recommended to a looper in the current

What I do: bass guitar, synths, saxes, recorders, trombunes, vocal noises
What I have: MAM RS3, Digitech RDS2001, Repeater, Sony HR-GP5, Digitech
StudioQuad, Lexicon Vortex, Line6 DL4, Akai E1, Korg KAOSS soon-to-come
Roland V-Bass, all in a rack with Berhinger 2642A console, patchbay,
Behringer Ultramizer and TC Triple-C.

What I want: good effects quaility, excellent realtime controllability
(envelope follower, MIDI sources, flexible LFOs etc.), no need for 
reverb or ease of use. Perhaps something even to throw out both the 
RDS22001 and the RS3.

>From browsing through online catalogues and manufacturer's web sites, I
found that perhaps the Lexicon MPX1 (or MPX1G2) or better still the TC
Electronics FireworX or G-Force would be the medium of choice. Any thoughts
on these?

Rainer Straschill
Moinlabs GFX and Soundworks - www.moinlabs.de
digital penis expert group - www.dpeg.de
The MoinSound Archives - www.mp3.com/moinlabs