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RE: BASS LOOPERS to know about

Yes.  Here's the URL:


It's possible Jim is thinking of using Max (now a Cycling74.com product) 
some other programming solution for interactive electronic music.  I know 
guy (brilliant fellow, btw) who preferred Forth for that sort of thing.

Can probably also be done using a Korg KARMA, thus eliminating the need 
a computer, but the KARMA function requires user input via MIDI or the 
keyboard and its onboard controls before it'll generate its own thang, 
whereas the aforementioned fellow's Forth programs can truly improvise 
on their own, with OR without input from a human.


>Wasn't there the Oberheim Drummer that kinda did that?
> > > "You can't teach a drum machine how to improv..."
> >
> > don't be too sure about that.
> > i intend to do this very thing one of these days...
> >

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