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RE: what do loopers do when they're not looping?

Hey Clifford

That's my gig too! I was shy about sharing, but now I have to. I'm solo 
employed with home office. I do real estate appraisal in Portland. Been
managing to do this since '92 out of my house.  It is fun and satisfying to
the ethnologist in me to get into folks' houses and see how people live..
And I can listen and play all the time no problemo (some of my best looping
has been on 'coffebreaks'). Been married 15 yrs with a 12 yr old daughter
and have 1/2 acre with a great garden and greenhouse.

Basement home studio next door to my little office where I schiz out 
looping, Macking (Metasynth, Logic, Live, Reason, etc) and
songwriting--working on 'traditional' song tracks with my bassist & drummer

I find Internet and reading to be more of a distraction than TV. But within
each media choices have to be made, its worth it to get cable modem and 
list is one of the highlights, and on TV I find its worth it to get HBO: 
Feet Under is one of the best shows around, up to par with better movies
I've seen lately.  No newspaper though...New Yorker & Tape Op yes.

Neil Goldstein
Portland, Oregon

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> I roam the streets searching for better eye-dope- and Puffin dance in my
> cardboard box dreams.....
> ....then I wake up and go 1.3 miles to a small real estate
> appraisal office,
> plug em into the computer and print em out while listening to the
> many gigs
> of audio I have stuffed on all the hard drives. I look forward to leaving
> every day- but 9-3 ain't bad and me and the hip jewish guys I
> work for love
> to bust jokes on one another most of the time- the festivities never end.