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Re: re[2]: what do loopers do when they're not looping?


I find television very interesting, being a bit of a McLuhan headed type
being. at my place it is almost always on, cable (unless The Establishment
has turned it off!) with a few extras, but man it's just always on, usally
with the sound off, so i can hear myself play/think. But I find I am even
more satisfied while semi-surfing the net/playing ill gtr/watching
t.v./having a phone conversation/reading a book or mag. the more different
things going on the better for me. they're just kind of on different levels
of import. that and growing up playing guitar and always watching tv, 
soundtracks to whatever was on, so.

best regards, Pedro Felix - NYC 2002

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>no tv for me, but what a fascinating idea!  for me, the internet
>is just as distracting as tv though.  i'm on half a dozen lists
>which i tend to participate in pretty much daily, i'm often
>trolling for new vst/directx plugins to play with,
>reading/listening/viewing new stuff all the time (and i get
>horribly distracted doing this, most recently i was looking for
>somewhere local to buy arrows, took a tangent to a traditional
>archery resource site, followed a dozen links on mongolian
>composite bow use and construction, and finally pulled myself
>away from some fascinating sites on mongolian history and
>musical instruments a few hours later.  whew, what time is it?
>;-), trying to find old dr. who episodes, and playing with
>sundry software media toys and 3d/virtual-terrain/fractal fun
>stuff.  i'm a network/systems engineer by day, easily distracted
>by night.
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>> i often set the tv up in the studio (i like bad tv...i think
>v.i.p. is the best show on tv), and route the audio through the
>machines...there is nothing like watching the news with the
>audio running through the vocoder (with a drum machine in the
>other input) and/or a sequenced analog filter...add a little
>reverb and a drum machine, and the news is rockin!
>> deknow