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RE: what do loopers do when they're not looping?/Bass loopers

Title: RE: what do loopers do when they're not looping?/Bass loopers


day-time alter ego:

day job: proofreader/copyeditor [hence all of my lame typing mistakes when i post ;-) ] in the graphics dept for a large corp. [for you photoshop code guys, put a spell checker in photoshop, okay? ;-) ]

live in the suburbs of los angeles with wife and [almost] seven-year-old twins.

i've been known to play oldies gigs where i sometimes act as a human looper - - playing the same I-vi-IV-V loop for 20 minutes of oldies medlies.

bass looper (kinda):

play 6-string electric bass and sometimes do looping with it . . .

mostly not a solo looper, mostly try to integrate it into free improv duos/trio/quartets. in other words, it's not the "all" that i do . . . i use it more for texture or as an additional voice in these types of situations.

i've done solo gigs of loads of looping, but prefer to leaven it with non-looped stuff - - same with my efforts in the above-mentioned situations.

i also tend to want to do more "composed" things and haven't quite gotten around to getting looping integrated into that satisfactorily. something about having time to work stuff out . . .

examples of my usage of looping on disc:

"antipodes," liebig/golia/mintz (cadence jazz records, 2001): me, saxophonist vinny golia and drummer billy mintz. kinda free jazz with a little loopage buried under the chaos.

[no train, same as above (cadence jazz records, 1999); i think i did some looping on this, haven't heard for a while.]

vapor, g.e. stinson (ecstatic peace, 2000); g.e. with me and cast of thousands, some looping here and there [tho' i don't remember all of what i did on this].

the allure of roadside curios, l. stinkbug (starlight furniture company, 2002); me, guitarist nels cline, guitarist g.e. stinson, drummer scott amendola. live recording. the three string guys all loop and it's sometimes hard to tell what who is doing what at any given time. we can get noisy. drummer amendola is now also looping . . . crazy - - hope that we can get a disc of some of that out there as well.

others are in the can and will come out later this year or are being shopped [two of these have fairly extensive - - for me - - loopage]. other things going back a number of years that are no longer commercially available.

oh, and i've never had cable ;-)


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