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Re: what do loopers do when they're not looping?

jimfowler@prodigy.net writes:

>best advice for magically having more time to play music: throw your t.v.
>through the window.
a nice sentiment, i think --- given the general 'quality' level of most of 
what's on the tube, but somewhat misdirected, i think.

>when i drive down the street at night and see the glow of a television
>within so many homes, i wonder how much of our time is wasted on 
>think of how much we'd get done without it...just a thought...
i watch the tv --- mostly (so-called) news, sports, movies, cartoons --- 
i get more music 'done' than i could ever possibly distribute.
(i won't vouch for the music's *quality*, but..... well, you get my 
i raised two kids, put them through university, and have happily 
maintained a 
30-yr marriage, etc etc.....
don't blame the tv-addiction: maybe music is 'done' on a 'need' basis.....

dt / splattercell